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When you fail to plan

Boy, I have really let things get out of control around our house. The ole schedule has been pretty hectic and I have let that take control of the meal planning. Big mistake- huge!!!! Over the past week, I have worked very hard to get things back into some sort of normalcy. Now that the end of the school year is almost here, I am diligently going to try and use the summer to get back into planning mode.

I do have a few recipes that I want to share with you though. I hate that I don’t have any pictures, but I am bad to forget that because photographing food is not always something I think about.


These were a great Friday night supper at our house a couple of weeks ago. My kids love tacos, and this was a new twist on that old stand by- the taco kit. We topped our with cheese and taco sauce and also had some tortilla chips and cheese dip.


Yes, we love tacos and taco flavored dishes around here. This was pretty good. My kids liked it and my husband liked it, so it will probably be something I fix again. It was cheap and easy which is always fine by me. It was good for a night when I needed something quick and most of the ingredients are things I always have on hand.


This was a big hit with all four of us. I put this in the crock pot yesterday after church so it would be ready when we got home from our afternoon activities and our evening church service. I made some garlic toast to go along with it and everyone in the house asked for a second helping. We are having the leftovers tonight for supper.

Hopefully this week, there will be much more cooking and much more planning!!!!


My new blog

Since I really haven’t been doing any knitting lately, I haven’t had anything to talk about on my knitting blog. I have been toying around with the idea of starting an additional blog to discuss some of my other hobbies and food just seemed an obvious fit. Now, I do not claim to be the world’s best cook, nor do I have any professional training. All I plan to discuss here is my love of food, and the challenges of feeding a family of four with today’s busy lifestyle. I plan on sharing my meal plans and preparations. We can discuss what works and what is a complete disaster. I also enjoy collecting and reading cookbooks, so expect a decent amount of commentary on which authors I seem to use the most. All in all, I hope to chronicle my culinary adventures and maybe we will all learn something new about food along the way.

Disclaimer: This is not a blog for the consumer of gourmet food. I am a mom with a full-time job outside the home, a 6 year old, an almost 3 year old, and a husband that will eat almost anything that I put in front of him. These meals will not be sophisticated or out of the pages of a gourmet publication. They will be what we like and what I think is fun to cook. If you are looking to mimic an expert in haute cuisine, I am not your girl.