This blog and I

We have an on again off again relationship, I guess. I am back at work for the first time since starting my maternity leave in September. Since I haven’t had to be a working mom and a new mom yet, I let things like meal planning fall by the wayside. Now that I am a working mother of three, I best get back to business. Tonight we are having an old favorite Slow Cooker Taco Soup. Hopefully in 2012, I will do a better job of chronicling my never-ending quest of meal planning and meal budgeting. I have several recipes that I have made lately that I will try and review here, and I finally have a decent camera so hopefully I can provide some pictures of the things I cook. Also this year is the challenge for mama to watch those calories while still providing great meals for her guys (and gal). Hopefully tomorrow I will have our menu for the week and a review of a great dip recipe that I made for a few parties over the holiday season.



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