2010 Getting in Gear

I have really let this blog go. I am bad at starting new things and then when the “new” wears off, forgetting about them. It is a new year however, so I am trying again. I don’t want this to be a New Years Resolution type deal, but I do hope to blog more. I want to get more serious about my cooking and about my meal planning. I hope to use this blog as a tool for just that. We have a busy spring planned at our household so my primary goals are to 1) control the schedule and 2) control the budget. I know when I meal plan and cook at home, I can do both of those things. This week is a little slow since we are trying to get back in the routine after Christmas.

Monday– lasagna (already in the freezer)
Tuesday– Two for Tuesday at Subway (Ole Miss basketball game)
Wednesday– eat at church
ThursdayTaco Soup (this is a new recipe I have never tried)
Friday– burgers and tater tots with some vegetable from the freezer
Saturday– roast, mashed potatoes and lima beans
Sunday– Til Payday Casserole- found in a free recipe from Spark.com

I hope to be using my Crock Pot more also. We have Cub Scouts on Monday nights, my son is involved with Upwards Basketball through Feb, and Ole Miss Basketball is in full swing. Combine that with a husband who travels some for work, and it makes for a hectic schedule. So really I am not resolving to do anything in 2010 but just stay on track. Oh, and trim enough from the household budget to save for a cruise!!!!!!!!


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